European BlackJack MH

European BlackJack MH refers to a multi-hand unique online casino game. MH is the opposite to single deck blackjack online games. This game evolves from the standard blackjack game you get at casinos nowadays. There are some basic rule changes in European BlackJack MH. This game offers the best return to player (RTP) assuming that you are using the best possible strategy in your way. This game is between the dealer and player. It is generally played with two or more decks of 52 cards, and the aim is to obtain a higher total than the dealer without going above 21. Cryptologic creates a little more excitement in this game with the increased splitting options and a more liberal twist to doubling down.

How to Play European BlackJack MH

Each game uses 2 or more decks without the joker. A maximum number of decks can be 8. Cards from 2 to 9 are valued as their face value. Cards from 10 to Ace are valued with 10 points each. The dealer or the RNG deals out the cards once the bets are placed. Player gets two faced down cards. The dealer receives the first card as an open card facing up and his second card is dealt after the player’s hand is played.

European BlackJack

After dealing the cards in European BlackJack MH, the player has to make his move and try to win the hand. The player will win straightway if he has a hand with the 10-valued card and an Ace. But if both the dealer and player have this combination, then the game goes into ‘push’ mode. If the value goes above 21, then hand-holder will lose the game. This is called bust of the game. If the player has the hand with lower than 21, he can Hit, Stand, Double Down, Split or Surrender.  Winning at blackjack has never been more simple.

• A Hit is when the player asks for another card trying to improve the hand value.

• A Stand is when the player does not ask for another card.

• A Double Down is when he doubles his original bet and gets another card.

• A Split is when he divides his hand into two separate hands if he gets both the same valued cards. After this, two hands will have individual bet and will be played separately.

• Surrender is when he quits.

European BlackJack MH Bonuses

After seeing their own hands individually by the player and the dealer, both have to go for their moves. If the dealer busts, the player wins the hand immediately. Otherwise, both of their hands are compared with its total values. Whoever has a greater value hand than the other without exceeding 21, wins. When both of their hands have the same value compared to each other, the game goes into push mode, and the player gets his money back.

European BlackJack MH Slot

European BlackJack MH is different from Normal BlackJack games regarding the deal structure itself. Also, the dealer cannot check for blackjack if his first card is Ace or 10 and as well as the player also has no way of knowing dealer’s hand until the hand is over. So, this is a strategical game, and it gets interesting in each step. You can find European BlackJack MH games online with fully personalised, animated and enjoyable versions. Start playing it yourself and be the strategical hero of this casino deck game.

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