Double Exposure MH

Play’n Go has been around since 1997 and is widely reputed in the online casino industry. All the players trust the website because of their flexibility, high-quality performance, and rewarding deals. Whether it is a slot, live baccarat, poker, or table games; you are bound to enjoy if its Play’n Go. So why should blackjack be left behind? Blackjack has been the favourite game in the casino since the days of land-based casinos. And nothing has changed in the online generation. Double Exposure MH will let you feast your eyes on the exposed cards of the dealer.

How to Play Double Exposure MH

This game of blackjack has been very Las Vegas’ favourite for years. Double Exposure MH has five rounds in one session. The name is given because here the players can see the dealer’s cards. Double exposure blackjack is played like a basic game of blackjack only. The difference is the Dealer cards are open so you can check his card and then decide to hit or stand for yours. The dealer needs to draw cards to the total reaches 16, and when it becomes 17 or higher, he has to stand. Now you can decide what to do with your cards and also double your wager for the next one card to be drawn.

If your hand total is 9, 10 or 11, you are allowed to double down. You can also split your hands to double your winnings. All pairs could be split including the Aces but you cannot re-split your hands.

Play Double Exposure MH

Double Exposure MH Software

You don’t have to worry about the gaming experience when it is provided by Play’n Go. The graphics are as usual smooth and realistic. All the cards on the table are open, which is the purpose of this blackjack version.

At the bottom of the screen, you can select the bet amount which is 1, 5 and ten chip size. You can bet three chips per round. The gameplay is quite fast, and if your internet does not act up, you will notice there is no lag during the game.

How to Win Double Exposure MH

Usually in blackjack, in case of a tie, you get to keep your bets. But in this version of blackjack, the dealer wins all ties. But the twist is that is only for total below 21. The dealer does not win a blackjack tie. One more payout difference is that you get a payout in even money for all wins including single deck blackjack. Otherwise, the game gives a handsome return of 3:2. This is a preferred version of blackjack for many blackjack players because here the house edge is just 0.67% and the RTP is a huge 99.04%.

It’s Play’n Go. There is nothing to complain about. And Double Exposure MH version of blackjack has its perks. Otherwise, from gameplay to sound everything is smooth and the soundtrack is also quite consistent with the look and feel. But for players who don’t like any sound while concentrating, you can adjust the volume or even mute the music. Don’t wait, play!

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