Top Tips To Beat The Odds Of Your Favorite Casino Games

Did you know that you can defeat the casino and win a game? For most of you, this will sound like a story from a movie, but a few will understand it. Believe or not, you can beat the odds of a casino, but you will have to know these casino tips.

Casino Tips

1. Use card holding
This technique is based on you using the clumsiest blackjack dealers in a casino. Look for those that will accidentally reveal the card they move. You get 6-9% better odds than the house with this tip.

2. Pay attention to the main prize
Keep in mind that casinos will often move the payout from 3/2 up to 6/5, meaning that $100 will win $120, instead of $150. Casinos use distractions to keep you away from noticing that, so make sure you are better than they are.

3. When you win, stop!
Maybe this sounds contradictory, but roulette offers 5% edge to the house. If you play after you win, the chances are high that you will lose all your chips.

4. Look for worn numbers
A wheel used for roulettes will probably show worn numbers. It means that the ball will land where the highest number of times. Bet on those numbers. Joseph Jagger won $400.000 back in 1873 using this tip! This is equivalent to $7.8 million today!

5. Always play big
If you like to play the best slots online, bet a significant amount of money and still use the highest number of paylines. These machines are 3 times more ‘’effective’’ in collecting money from players than table games. When betting, always invest a max bet and set a budget for this game.

6. Don’t play Keno
This is a game that brings 35% edge to the house, so avoid it. Chances of winning are close to zero. No a single player ever wins this game – avoid it!

7. Practice video poker
Edge of the house, in this case, is 0.4%. So you will have to practice and practice some more to win the money. Casinos usually get the money from the beginners.

8. Avoid loud and flashy games at a casino
Casinos will place the games with the lowest odds for the players in the center of the hall. They will be well-decorated and they will be loud. So, you should avoid them and stick to the games away from the center of attention.

9. Always wear a watch
Casinos will remove all the clocks and watches as possible to ‘’help’’ you play as long as possible. To defeat them, wear a watch. An interesting fact is that some casinos don’t allow for the dealers to wear a watch.

10. Always buy drinks for yourself
If you get a free drink, it means that you have high odds of losing. This is a strategy called ‘’player reinvestment’’. A casino will regain some money back from the drinks you purchase.

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