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Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series

Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series

Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series Review

For the players playing Blackjack, the winning rule is lesser the deck, the better. It is a well-known fact that as the number of decks increases, the house edge increases. In fact, the history of Blackjack says that casinos were not making a significant profit on Blackjack till one day they realized that by increasing the number of decks, this could be changed. Typically, dealers use 6 to 8 decks while playing Blackjack. But NetEnt always has something for the players. They have come up with Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series to give the players maximum chances to win. But it does not mean that they have not kept securities for themselves. There are tweaked rules to balance the house edge, but all in all, I found the game very rewarding. Let find out how.

How to Play Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series?

Playing Blackjack is always the same, no matter whatever the version be. You place your bet, click on Deal and total your cards. Then you decide whether to Hit or Stand. And then, the rest of all is up to the dealer. Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series is also played like that only. There are just some important things that every player needs to know.
• Before every deal, the cards are shuffled.
• As a rule, in this version, the dealer has to stand on all hard 17s and hit on all soft 17s.
• There are restrictions on the double down. You can double down only on the total of 10 and 11. Rest all is not allowed. Moreover, it is not allowed when you split your cards.
• If you split Aces, only one card will be dealt with you.
• There is no Blackjack in this version. When you get an Ace and face cards, it is counted as total 21 and not Blackjack.
• If the dealer has Ace as his up card, you get insurance.
• If your total is 21 and dealer’s up card is Ace, you split the money evenly with the dealer.

How to Win Blackjack Single Deck Pro Series?

Winning is as such easier with this version of Blackjack because the house edge is low. Though the help section of NetEnt claims it to be as low as 0.17%, but with the new rules I calculated it to be nearer to 0.6%. But even that is not as high to worry you of losing.

Poker strategy, as usual, depends on the card total you get, but I have found that it is better to steer clear of insurance and even money. Never take that. These are the best two rules that work maximum on the side of the casino.

This game is a wonderful effort on the part of NetEnt. Isn’t it why we all love the developer? Though they have tweaks, they are still thinking of the players on a priority basis. And that is something we find in very less online casinos. As usual, the animation and graphics are superb. The speed at which the cards are played is also perfect. They have given nine different speeds to adjust according to every other player’s requirement. I would say, this version has become a must play version for me.


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    The fact the game is easy should you enjoy it in a newbie amount
    but very intricate at pro level causes it to be
    interesting for different types of players and again, escalates the
    variety of players.


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