Beat Me Card Game Review

All those who played cards to pastime during their childhood would have played Card War at some point or the other. It has been popular among card players since ever. And now Play’n Go has brought back the fond memories in the form of Beat Me. This simple game always gives an adrenaline rush to me. And the online version had the same effect. Play’n Go is known for its quality and spine-tingling ability. Beat Me is no exception. Though there are no bonuses or jackpots in the game, it is fun and entertaining. I found it addictive.

Beat has a 97% Payout!

How to Play Beat Me?

Beat Me is played with 6 standard card decks without the jokers. The highest card is, of course, Ace and the lowest one is deuce. Suits are not given any importance in the game. The gameplay is straightforward, you make a bet, and the dealer draws a card. If your card is higher than the dealer, you win. If not, you lose. The game has odds of 1:1, and in a draw, it pays odds of 10:1. But having a draw is not simple here. In a tie, you can either surrender your half money or go to war with the dealer. And that’s when the fun part triples.

Beat Me Card Game

Beat Me Interface

When it’s Play’n Go, you don’t have to review the interface. It is always awesome. Even Beat Me has all the necessary buttons on the screen and no other fuss. The primary interface has a green card table where all the action takes place. The screen has poker chips on the top of the screen and the buttons for Deal, Rebet, Clear all, Chip selection and the ‘X’ to remove that bet. The value of the chips is 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100. There is a Settings tab which will allow you to customise the look and feel according to your choice. You can turn off the background music, dealer voice, change the card animation and also make other changes in the gameplay. To understand all features of the game, help tab is also given on the screen. The most attractive feature is that no download is required to play Beat Me. You can play it in your web browser.

Beat Me Verdict

Roulette is considered one of the highest paying casino games of all times. It is very popular too. Roulette has an RTP of 97.30% while Beat Me has an RTP of 97.67%. When you go to war after a tie, it does fall down. But the base game is very high paying. And there is no question when the game provider is one of the biggest names in the casino industry. The safety and security are not even something players have to think about. But apart from that, you get a fast and colourful interface, fun quotient, superb wins, simple gameplay and huge payouts. It is a mindless game with high entertainment value. If your purpose is to gamble for fun, this game is for you. Definitely!

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